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Say It with Flowers!

It's such a joy to receive a lovely bouquet of flowers any day of the week. But, preparing a beautiful arrangement of blooms made by you for a loved one is even more joyous and exciting! Whether you’re planning to create one as a handmade gift or you’re making one for yourself, floral arrangements can surely brighten up the mood and put a smile on anyone who sees them!

Life is so much nicer with flowers. Adding a touch of floral beauty can liven up your own space and make it look more welcoming for the guests. For gifts and home decors, you can personalize flower arrangements by using different types of blooms, fillers, foliage and vases to match the character of the receiver.

dried flowers

For this tutorial, we’ll be using dried flowers because it's on trend, easier to maintain and lasts longer.

Professional florist and Fleuritz Studio owner, Rits Anne Tan, will show us how she does her fancy flower arrangements. Let your creativity bloom & follow her easy dried flower arrangement tutorial below!

Rits Anne Tan simply loves flowers! She started arranging out of love for the blooms and finds working with them therapeutic specially during the pandemic days. She loves arranging flowers for weddings because she looks forward to fulfilling a bride's vision of a perfect wedding.

You may contact her through her IG accounts: fleuritzstudio

Let the kids boom with the flowers too!

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