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Easy Morning Yoga Flow

We all get bogged down due to stress. How we look and feel are affected by it. Here is something that will help wipe away the stress and leave you looking and feeling tip- top. Yoga can be your route to a better mind and body. Discover a fresh new morning ritual to motivate you to rise up to a beautiful day.


Raene has been teaching Yoga since January 2019 to all levels of practitioners.

Raene is a Mom to one active boy and has a tight yoga class schedule. Her days are always packed and she feels she has little time left to herself. She uses yoga as an outlet to let go of all her stress, by focusing on her breath, feeling her movements and being one with the moment.

She says that yoga allows her to be herself and project who she is.

Raene is a certified 300H yoga instructor. She teaches vinyasa flow, (basic to advanced), hatha yoga and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation done in savasana).

You can catch her online classes at the links below:

• Ayala Malls Online Vinyasa Yoga Class:

• UFC Gym Philippines Online Vinyasa Mobility Class:

• Kwentong Dagat One Minute Breathing Exercise:

Contact her at:
FB and IG:@makeitraene @goldenhouryogini


She became interested in Yoga in 2007 while watching the Oprah Winfrey show. She was curious to see how it would give her a sense of peace and happiness. She tried it and initially thought that Yoga may not be for her.

A couple of years later, during a stressful time in her corporate career she gave Yoga another try to see if it would help her escape her hectic schedules. She felt an instant connection, a sense of peace and joy. Anna is the first and only certified Budokon Yoga teacher in the Philippines. She teaches prenatal yoga, vinyasa and yin yoga. Anna says Yoga allows her to have better focus, to move with grace and ease through life's challenges and motivates her to practice self-love and kindness.

You can catch her online classes at the links below:

International Insight Timer App:

Philippine Rebel App:

Contact her at:

Email Account
IG @annamanalastas

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