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Delight in
our brand

We were born because of our deep passion for fashionable children's wear.

We're here to provide a sense of delight and growth for both parents or adults

who purchase the clothes and children who get to wear them. We want them to

experience the joy of living out a creative and expressive childhood.

We are a local fashion retail store providing children's wear to a new generation

of discerning parents. We bring delight to parents and children by offering

unique children's wear at an affordable price. Our brand exists because we

believe that dressing up can inspire parents and children to enjoy their


At Gingersnaps, we believe that fashion is exciting and ever-changing. We've

been here for over 25 years and our brilliant team has been crafting trendy,

global and fashion-forward design season after season. Each garment has its

own unique touch and uses premium fabrics that are prodly made in

the Philippines.

Delight in
our Company

We are the leading brand for children's wear int he Philippines.

We're owned and managed by the Il Coniglio Bianco Corporation.

Our company is home to over 200 highly motivated indiviuals who are all

united in one common love... for children's clothes!

The President behind all the magic in our company is Jerry Lim Uy.

He graduated from Northwestern University in California and has an MBA

from University of Southern California.

We started bringing delight to parents and children from a single corner in a

department store. Today, we've grown to 38 boutiques, 18 department store

corners in the prime establishments in the Philippines.

In Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, we have a

total of 69 foreign boutique stores and department store corners.

From here on, we'll grow with you as we spread delight in more destinations.

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