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Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Coming up with the perfect Father`s Day gift can be challenging. But this year, make the most special & one of a kind gift that's made with joy & love, by you & your kids!

It's alright if you know so little about crafting gift cards, because we'll be doing easy calligraphy for this! And don`t worry about messing up, it`s your effort and your message that will truly matter in this project!

So, listen to what your heart says and think of what you and your kids want to tell Dad this Father`s Day!

Come on, grab some papers and pens and make some personalized greeting cards for Dad!

Christian Cruz

Christian Cruz is a young calligraphy artist who first got inspired in the craft as a child when he saw beautiful looking handmade signages in the streets. He is a self-taught artist and was recently included by When In Manila in the List of 25 Local Calligraphy Artists to follow. Now, he does private workshops in schools, for kids, for companies and events.

You can contact him at:
FB: @lettersbychristiancruz
IG: @lettersbychristian
Youtube: Letters by Christian Cruz
Tiktok: lettersbychristian

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