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Make Christmas Cookies

Make Christmas Cookies

Homemade treats are a cool and easy way to show your family and friends just how much you’re thinking of them during the holidays! And cookies are pretty much loved by everyone, so why not whip up a batch of cookies to decorate your tree, satisfy your kids' sweet tooth cravings or give out as gifts for the holidays?

Here’s an easy Christmas Cookie recipe that you can make with the kids.

Christmas Cookies Decorations

- Print actual size of desired design & use as your guide
- Start with the outlines first when putting icing
- If your design needs layering, let the base icing dry first before adding another layer

Analyn Alvarez is a mom who loves cooking at home and fell in love with baking just 4 years ago. She started out by making cakes for Birthdays in her family. Eventually, she started accepting orders from her kids' classmates. Now, she has a growing dessert baking business based in her kitchen. Her IG & FB pages features character cookies inspired by K-Pop idols check out @lynssweetsdelight

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